1983′s Valley Girl cast Nicolas Cage as a punk rock Romeo romancing Deborah Foreman’s preppy Juliet. It was a film of the moment that managed to be smarter than it looked (thanks in part to Martha Coolidge’s direction). But it was of its moment. So – for Paramount and MGM’s remake – they’re keeping the period, but adding musical numbers. Deadline broke the story of the upcoming musical remake, which is to be helmed by Clay Weiner.

No casting has been announced, but like Rock of Ages, period songs will be incorporated into the film for the cast to sing. Weiner is the first big piece of this puzzle, and he is known for his commercial work (and directing the DTV film Fred: The Movie). Casting will give a better sense of what direction they’re taking the film, though it should be noted that the original was R rated. My guess is that they’re aiming this at a much younger audience.

Which is too bad as the original has a lot of heart and reality. The original is one of the more underrated teen films of the 80′s, if only because it wasn’t made by John Hughes. And what may be interesting is that the 1980′s of the remake will likely be done in an exaggerated style to heighten the absurdity. In that way this could become a modern version of Grease.

What new wave songs should they use in the soundtrack?