The truth can set you free — or get you killed. In this week’s “Nikita” the stakes are higher than usual.  Alex returns to Russia to claim what’s rightfully hers, and Nikita opens her home to a threat. Carla reveals more about her Division past, and her intentions for the company are clearer than ever.

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The Players

  • Director: Michael Robison
  • Writer: Albert Kim
  • Cast: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca Aaron Stanford, Melinda Clarke, Xander Berkeley

Episode Title: “Origins”

Alex makes her first public appearance (since her “death”) at a Zetrov press conference. Semak orders Ari to kill her, but she survives the attempt. Carla, Nikita, Michael and Birkhoff stay plugged in to her every move. And after a long wait, we finally learn Amanda’s big secret.

The Good:

  • Alex Takes Over: Alex sure knows how to make an entrance. All season, we’ve had to watch Semak make demands and run the Udinov family business. So it was good to see the true heir snatch her birthright — in front of the world.
  • Birkhoff’s Back: “Put my hardware down, bitch!” Oh Birkhoff, we love you. Aaron Stanford really is a jewel. When Carla got trigger-happy with his tablet, he was ready to pop a cap in her. He’s a computer genius, with undeniable wit and a good eye. Can we get a real back story on him? He’s easily one of the best characters on the show.
  • Amanda Exposed: So Amanda hates Carla because she’s the only person who can connect her to Ari or should we say “Bill Clay?” Well her secret’s out and now everyone knows, including Percy.

The So-So:

  • Carla: Earlier in the episode, we gave her the benefit of the doubt. She seemed like an innocent in the whole Division-turned-evil scenario. But by the final scene, she showed her true colors. She lied to Nikita’s face and contacted Percy about returning to Division. O.K. Carla, let’s say you kill Amanda, what makes you think Percy won’t put a bullet in your head too? He’s not exactly the sharing type. Also, we liked that he was genuinely shocked about Amanda and Ari’s relationship. That was a refreshing change.


“Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in!” There are so many layers to Division that they have enough material for five more seasons. This show continues to surprise us.

Rating: 9/10

“Nikita” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW

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