With very, very ambiguous reasoning, Comedy Central has abruptly cancelled production for at least the next two episodes of The Colbert Report, the satirical news program hosted by Stephen Colbert, coming as fairly startling surprise, especially as the halting takes place in the middle of a very contentious Republican primary race, which is top fodder for the program.

Audience members who had been planning on attending the Wednesday taping of the Colbert Report reported that they had received notices from the program that taping of the show was canceled and that “they would have to make reservations for a new day.”  And instead of broadcasting the new program—in which Claire Danes would have appeared as a guest—Comedy Central broadcast a rerun.

Further, author Susan Cain, who was set to appear on Thursday night’s broadcast of the Colbert Report took to Twitter to announce that “taping had been canceled as well and that her booking had been rescheduled for March.”

A spokesman for Comedy Central, Steve Albani, sent an email announcing that “due to unforeseen circumstances, the show will air repeat episodes on Wednesday, February 15 and Thursday, February 16.”  No other details have been released.

What do you think of the Colbert Report news?

Source:  New York Times