One of our most highly anticipated films of the year reunites Brad Pitt with The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford director Andrew Dominik, and after the extended post-production schedule of their last film, it was hard to know how long the wait would be for their follow-up Cogan’s Trade. Wonder no more, The Weinstein Company has updated their schedule, and the film will be hitting theaters September 21. They’ve also changed the release dates for Butter and Scary Movie 5. Check it out…

The Cogan’s Trade date suggests they want it to be near Oscar consideration, but aren’t sure if it’s a contender. It’s hard to know if the film will premiere at Cannes, or go to Toronto or Venice’s September festivals. Venice is where Brad Pitt won best Actor for Jesse James, so it may be a lucky location for the filmmakers.The film also stars Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini, and Sam Shepard.

Butter was originally scheduled for a March release, and has been bumped to October 5. The film played Telluride’s film festival last year, and may be better served in awards-bait season, but as it’s a black comedy, it’s one of those films that either clicks or doesn’t. Word is good though. The film stars Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, and Olivia Wilde.

And Scary Movie 5, perhaps subtitled “Contractual Obligation” is scheduled for January 11, 2013. So it’s less than a year away!

What release date would you like to see announced? (I’d pick Wong Kar-Wai’s latest)