In what has to be the most deranged teaser you’re likely to see in all of 2012, the new clip for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter finds our 16th president, the Illinois Rail Splitter, fighting legions of vampires while leaping around with an axe and CGI abandon.  You almost want to dislike it, but the sheer, gleeful insanity of it all makes it hard to suppress an amused smirk at the berserk proceedings.

Directed by Timur Bekmambetov and produced by Tim Burton, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is an adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel of the same name, and stars Benjamin Walker as Lincoln, supported by a cast that includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Alan Tudyk, Anthony Mackie, Rufus Sewell, Erin Wasson and Dominic Cooper.  Also, did I mention it features the president of the United Stands leading a clandestine war against the walking undead?

So there you have it—the first tease of what looks to be an all-out cinematic freak out.  Or just a silly, grindhouse-y bit of fluff, but either way, could you really pass up seeing Abraham Lincoln killing a slew of vampires?  I thought not.

And in case you need a few extra details, /Film has the plot nailed down thusly:

The film explores the secret life of our greatest president, and the untold history that shaped our nation. As a young boy, Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) witnesses the shocking death of his mother, leading him on a path to an ongoing war – and ultimately to the presidency – he chronicles in a hidden diary. The journal reveals the incredible story of a clandestine warrior who never stopped fighting for the country he led and the people he loved.

What do you think of the teaser?