Remember when we told you that Russell Crowe had at least three projects that he was being considered for? Yeah, that was last week, so now there’s a new Crowe rumor. Vulture says he’s being courted for Jaume Collet-Serra‘s Harker, which is being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. They also say that Crowe is out for Robocop.

Harker would be a revamping of the Dracula mythology, with Jonathan Harker – usually shown as the weak man who first comes to visit Count Dracula to sell him land – now is being redrawn as a detective hunting vampires. The last time Crowe got involved in a rewrite of a famous legend it was Robin Hood, which then stripped everything interesting about their original concept (that the Sheriff of Nottingham was actually Robin Hood in disguise) and was reduced to being a reboot/prequel.

Of course, what’s most interesting about all of these rumors is that Crowe isn’t seen as a great draw and hasn’t been for a while and yet now he’s getting A list projects virtually thrown at him. Crowe is one of our best actors, so it’s not that it’s a bad thing, it just doesn’t seem motivated by recent great work or being an audience favorite.

What upcoming project would you like to see Crowe attached to next?