This week Gary Oldman told CNN about the time he almost lost the Dark Knight Rises script. He panicked because his script was the only one that included the actual ending of the film, but luckily he found it. Also, we’ve got some neat card ideas for Valentine’s Day, and a couple of trailers. Catch up below.

  • Gary Oldman Lost Batman Script: Recently, Gary Oldman told CNN that he accidentally misplaced his copy of the Dark Knight Rises script. Unlike the other copies given to his fellow co-stars, his included the ending of the film. Luckily, 20 minutes before he went onset he found his copy inside his hotel room.
  • Amazing Voices: Do you ever listen to a commercial and wonder whose voice you’re listening to? It sounds so familiar, but you can’t put your finger on it? Unreality Magazine put together a list of their ‘Top 15 Favorite Actor Voices.’ The list includes actors like Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman, Kathleen Turner, Alec Baldwin and other voices that you would recognize in seconds. Check out the complete list at Unreality Magazine.
  • A NES Valentine: Valentine’s Day is approaching, you know what would be a good idea? A NES Valentine card! Check out the NES-theme cards at Unreality Magazine.
  • Naomi Watts Lands Royal Role: The Princess Diana role has been cast. No, not by Jessica Chastain – though that would have been nice too – but by Naomi Watts. The actress will play Diana in Caught in Flight, which focuses on the last two years of Diana’s life. The movie will go into production later this year.

New Videos:

  • Bullhead Trailer: Check out the dialogue-free trailer for the foreign film Bullhead, which is up an Academy Award this year. The film opens in NY, LA, and Austin on February 17.

  • Wes Anderson/Ja Rule Mashup:  And lastly, here’s a cool video featuring every Wes Anderson slow-motion shot set to a Ja Rule track. It’s pretty funny, check it out.

That’s the end of our round-up. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news.

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