For better or ill, perhaps it was George Lucas that defined in our cinematic culture the importance of a trilogy, of an end point. Before him, the number of sequels or spin-offs were only limited by an audience’s interest. So it should be no surprise that Lionsgate’s co-chair said they want to make a sixth Twilight movie to The Hollywood Reporter. They’re just waiting on Stephenie Meyer to write another book.

This is just business. The last three movies have made around $700 Million a piece worldwide, and that’s just too big a gross to ignore for a smaller studio like Lionsgate. Even if the next film costs $200 Million to make and doesn’t do as well, they’re still looking at a huge profit. And as much as it’s nice to have an end point, it’s rarely good business sense to conclude completely. Even a defined trilogy like Lord of the Rings now has a spin off (at least based on established works, but still).

This recent press seems to be a move to put a little pressure on Meyer to go forward with more, though as she has become extraordinarily wealthy through this franchise she can surely walk away. Or she could go the classic hack route and get ghost writers. If Meyer does produce another book, it seems to follow that unless it’s a short story it too will be split into two films. It would add, to quote a great poet, “more bounce to the ounce.”

Can you really have enough Twilight films?