Last night, “Glee” introduced us to Mr. Martinez a.k.a Ricky Martin. In honor of the Latin star, the whole episode sort of paid homage to Latin culture with songs by famous singers like Gloria Estefan and Enrique Iglesias. Let’s go over ‘The Spanish Teacher.’

The Players:

  • Director: Paris Barclay
  • Writer: Ian Brennan
  • Cast: Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Jenna Ushkowitz, Mark Salling, Matthew Morrison, Ashley Fink, Chord Overstreet, Harry Shum, Jr., Cheyenne, Darren Criss, Jayma Mays, Jane Lynch, and Mike O’Malley

Episode Title: “The Spanish Teacher”

Mr. Schue assigns the glee kids a Spanish singing assignment and enlists the help of his musically inclined night-school teacher (Ricky Martin). Meanwhile, Rachel tells Kurt and Mercedes about Finn’s proposal; and Mercedes has romantic complications of her own

The Good:

  • A New Rival For Sue Sylvester: Sue has met her match in swim coach Roz Washington. It was about time Sue gave up trying to sabotage the glee club (though we’re no sure she has) and Mr. Schue, and found herself a new rival. We expect a lot of deliciously wicked moments from these two outspoken ladies.
  • Kurt Gives Finn A Pep Talk: The writers have really created something very special between Kurt and Finn. Their bond is one of the best things on the show. These two have been through a lot, but it’s thanks to those hardships that they are now able to have such a strong and believable relationship.
  • Best Line (SPOILERS!): Sue tells Becky that she knew Becky outed her to Principal Figgins’, “ever since [she] tinker tailor soldier spied [her] way into Figgins’ cabinet.” Brilliant!

The So-So:

  • David Martinez (Ricky Martin): As charming and handsome as Ricky Martin may be, his character, David Martinez, feels like another Mr. Schue. Both are better looking than your average high school teacher, both can sing and dance, and both are extremely nice. But we’ll cut him some slack this time just because his performance of ‘Sexy and I Know It’ was pretty rad, and who knows, maybe he’ll have an interesting arc.
  • Mother Sue: So everyone is asking themselves the same question – Sue, a mom? What? The other characters are in as much disbelief of Sue wanting to be a mom as we are. Yeah, it’s great to see Sue grow as a person, but what is a baby suppose to prove?

The Bad:

  • Mercedes and Sam: In order for us to believe in this relationship, we need to know why Sam is so head-over-heels for Mercedes. We can’t support or get behind this relationship without understanding it. Show us what exactly happened that summer that made them crazy for each other, or something.
  • Nothing Memorable Happens: Aside from the introduction of Ricky Martin and an entertaining face-to-face argument between Sue and coach Washington (NeNe Leaks), this episode was just a plain old mess, a lot like ‘Pot O’ Gold.’ It was mainly used as a means to introduce a new character and not much else.

The Music:

  • “La Cucaracha” Various – Will entertains his English-speaking students with a little Spanish folk song.
  • “Sexy and I Know It,” LMFAO – Ricky Martin shows off his singing and dancing talents to the glee kids. 
  • “Don’t Wanna Lose You,” Gloria Estefan – Mercedes expresses how she feels about Sam with a Gloria Estefan number.
  • “Bamboleo/Hero” Simon Diaz/Enrique Iglesias – Sam reciprocates, and dedicates a smash of ‘Bamboleo’ and ‘Hero’ to Mercedes.
  • “Las Isla Bonita,” Madonna – Santana recruits Mr. Martinez for her performance. Definitely the best of the night.
  • “A Little Less Conversation,” Elvis – Mr. Schue puts on a silly bullfighter costume and sings  Spanish and English version of ‘A Little Less Conversation.’ Everyone loves it, except Santana… and us.


Last night’s episode had very few entertaining moments. We got to meet Mr. Martinez, and that was pretty much it.

Rating: 5.5/10

“Glee” airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on FOX.

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