Ever since inventor Louis Le Prince shot Roundhay Garden Scene, the earliest known film, at 12 frames per second for just over two seconds, humankind as a whole has often dreamed of what the fullest expression of cinema’s potential could possibly be.  And finally, over 120 years later, we finally have the climax of that potential, as the long-awaiting unnecessary sequel to a celebrity’s son’s vanity project remake of a 1980s high school karate movie is finally being made.

That’s right, Karate Kid 2, starring Jaden Smith, is now happening.

Alphas creator Zak Penn will tackle the screenwriting duties, who earned such an illustrious position by being the scribe behind such luminous cinematic masterworks as Elektra, The Incredible Hulk, and X-Men: The Last Stand.  So you know it’s gonna be good.

Not only is Jaden Smith expected to return in the titular role as the Kid who is of that which is Karate— Jackie Chan is expected to reprise his role from the first film, adding the quiet dignity and grace that is expected in a franchise-building remake of a series of 1980s sports movies starring Ralph Macchio.

What do you think of the Karate Kid 2 news?  Are you beside yourself with anticipation?

Source: The AV Club