As we noted on Monday, we were able to attend a sneak preview of new Amazing Spider-Man footage, along with the official trailer… and now, the trailer has been released for everyone to see.  Curious as to what The Lizard looks like?  Do the shots of Spidey web-slinging across New York look less CGI-y than the Sam Raimi films?  Can Andrew Garfield pull off playing a high school student?  Check out the trailer after the jump for answers.

While this trailer seemed much more epic on the big screen and in 3-D, it’s still not bad, even in a compressed YouTube fashion:

So what did you think?  Yes, it’s retelling the origin story of Spider-Man and yes, it features another scientist gone mad after an experiment goes awry, but in all, we think the trailer looks great.  In it, we get a look at the dynamic between Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and her dad (and it’s complicated), we see the cocky, sarcastic humor of Parker as Spider-Man, and we catch glimpses of the creature known as The Lizard.  More importantly, something that was on ever more of a display at Monday’s screening can be witnessed—while this may be a special effects-laden comic book film, it’s one that seems deeply focused on characters.  Unlike the last few Marvel films, The Amazing Spider-Man seems less interested in franchise building, or setting up other films, and is more about telling a new and exciting story about characters that fans cherish.

Is it July 3 yet?

What did you think of the trailer?