Though Harrison Ford may have made peace with he original Blade Runner, Alcon Entertainment (who’s producing the sequel) has made it clear that he’s not in talks to star in Ridley Scott‘s follow up and they have no interest in using his character. Word hit yesterday that Ford might be up for a role, but Deadline Hollywood contacted the producers who said no such thing would happen.

When Blade Runner came out in 1982, it was Harrison Ford’s first high-profile bomb. Up until that point he had appeared in three of the most successful films of all time (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark), and Blade Runner was considered a huge misstep. He followed it with Star Wars and Indy sequels, and then appeared in Witness.

Ford might have mellowed on the film since then (at least he appeared in the supplements of the massive five-disc Blade Runner DVD and Blu-ray), but this rumor always seemed unlikely. Of course with a film like this – which is in pre-production – there’s always going to be interesting rumors and news about the project. Likely the fate of the project will rest on the success or failure of Scott’s Prometheus, which comes out this summer.

What Harrison Ford project would you most like to see a sequel to?