Last night’s “Gossip Girl” picked up right where it left off, with a runaway bride dressed in Vera Wang. As we found out in last week’s episode, Blair’s emergency call was Dan, who drove her away from her horrible royal nightmare. More than anything, ‘The Backup Dan’ felt like a continuation  to the wedding episode. Everyone’s still dressed in the same gowns and tuxes, and some are still celebrating the holy union (not knowing that a bride is on the loose). When the word is finally out that Blair is on the run, everyone is desperately searching for her – Serena, Chuck, Nate, the horrible Grimaldis – but she’s got a plan, a backup plan. Let’s go over the ups and downs of ‘The Backup Dan’.

The Players:

Episode Title: “The Backup Dan”

Blair struggles with a decision that could hurt those she loves the most; Serena tries to protect someone important to her; Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) pursues a scandal.

The Good:

  • JFK (SPOILERS!): After finding out Louie’s real intentions, Blair and Dan headed straight to the airport. Blair’s plan is to book a quick flight to the Dominican Republic where she’ll be able to get a divorce (apparently Elizabeth Taylor did this) without the groom’s consent. The scenes at the airport are all about Dan and Blair. They are like fugitives, trying to escape the evil monarchs. One of the best moments is when Blair takes Dan’s credit card and purchases some casual jeans and an ‘I Love NY’ T-shirt (she’s been running around in her wedding dress). A T-Shirt? Blair? Is this a hint at Dair?
  • A Sincere Apology (SPOILERS!): Towards the end of the episode, Dan gets fed up with Blair’s bossy behavior and leaves her with her ‘true friends’ (Serena and Chuck). Later, Blair finds Dan and makes a genuine apology, telling Dan that she does care about him.
  • New Mystery: There’s a new mystery of who sent the video blast that ruined Blair’s wedding? There are several hints that point to Dan, but we won’t get ahead of ourselves.
  • Best Line: Serena to Chuck, “Maybe I’ve seen The Hangover too many times.”

The So-So:

  • Is Georgina Gossip Girl? (SPOILERS!): So Georgina isn’t the original Gossip Girl. Apparently, GG abandoned the site after Blair’s accident, and G took over. Although it makes a lot more sense that G isn’t Gossip Girl, we can’t help but wonder, what are her true intentions? And, who is the real GG?

The Bad:

  • The Dowry (SPOILERS!): In the end, after all the running and searching, Blair returns to Louie. What? Yes. Why? Because if she doesn’t, The Waldorfs will have to pay a huge dowry. Wait, what? It doesn’t make any sense! This is the 21st Century. Who pays a dowry? This is completely unbelievable. It seems like the writers are messing with us to see how much we’ll be able to let slide. But this new ‘plot twist’ is hurting one of the most important relationships on “GG.”
  • Chuck and Blair (SPOILERS!): How much humiliation can one guy take? Once again, Blair has rejected Chuck. Their relationship is losing its heat, its chemistry. At this point, it just seems like Blair is making up excuses not be with Chuck. We’re starting to think she doesn’t actually love him.


It breaks our heart to see Chuck humiliated so many times. His life is on hold because Blair can’t make up her mind. But as their relationship is losing its heat, another is gaining it – Dair. After last night’s scene between Dan and Blair, it seems like these two may give it a shot. As for some of the other characters, well, Serena’s role in the series is just fading away. She’s such a secondary character at this point, which is unfortunate because she use to be quite interesting. Overall, ‘The Backup Dan’ didn’t really work. There should have been a plan C.

Rating: 5/10

“Gossip Girl” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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