Warning!  Some spoilers!!

OK, Spider-Man fans, have I got some news for you: after having just left a screening of the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer (check it out) as well as about 10 minutes of new footage,  I can say this: any doubts or fears about this reboot not living up to the potential, heart and scope of the first two Sam Raimi Spidey-ficks can now be dispelled.  Amazing, indeed.

Given, the special screening (held worldwide in various theaters, from here in L.A. to New York, London, Rio, Tokyo and more) wasn’t of the whole film, and so a complete and total opinion cannot yet be formed.  That said, we were given several extended glimpses into the lives of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Dr. Connors/Lizard, and more, and despite all the flashy special effects (some of which were not completed, some of which were breathtaking), what really caught hold were the performances and moments between characters.  The upcoming film seems to be—again, judging by the footage seen today—not just a Marvel cash-in on a popular name brand, but also a genuine attempt to translate the Spider-Man franchise into a more “realistic” and human series of films than the previous three.

Complaints?  If there were any, it was that once again we seem to be watching Spider-Man fighting a good scientist whose experiments have driven him mad.  Beyond that, nada.  Spoilers?  Well, it seems that Peter Parker’s father, and possibly his untimely death, are tied into the early history of Doc Connors; Gwen Stacy’s dead unmasks Spider-Man in front of an armed police squad in the middle of a busy city street; and we get to see Pete construct his web-slingers, as featured in the comics.

In all, it seemed as if director Mark Webb has attempted to wed the epic and dramatic heft of the wonderfully grandiose and operatic first two Spider-Man films with gritty realism of a certain Christopher Nolan franchise that has now become the yardstick for “realistic” comic book films, making The Amazing Spider-Man shoot up from a film I was mildly curious about and into a movie I cannot wait to see.

PS:  The Lizard in 3-D?  Gotta admit, it was the coolest thing I’ve seen on the big screen in quite awhile.

What do you think of the Spider-Man news?