It’s worth taking this with a grain of salt, but Twitchfilm is reporting that Harrison Ford may take a role in Ridley Scott‘s Blade Runner spin-off. Though they don’t have direct quotes – and the story may be updated later in the day – it suggests a direct sequel, which has not been what anyone’s said in the past. In fact, Scott said it would have none of the original cast members. If Ford does jump on board, surely Sean Young will see if there’s a role for her too.

This then brings up the question that Scott made unsubtle in his director’s cuts of the first film: is Harrison Ford’s character Deckard a replicant? Whereas in the theatrical cut there were some ambiguous clues, the latter versions leave less to interpretation and Scott has said point blank that he is a “skin job.” If Ford is involved, will they go the Tron Legacy route and de-age him? Or will he play Deckard at all?

But adding Ford has to be attractive – it would give the new film another level of anticipation, though it’s worth remembering that Blade Runner bombed when released in 1982. Much like Tron. And much like John Carpenter’s The Thing, which also inspired a spin-off. And none of their reboots/sequels/etc. did particularly well at the box office. But maybe this will be different…

Do you think Deckard is a replicant?