Well, the annual orgy of advertising every possible combination of beer, soda, potato chip, automobile, credit system and film occurred on Sunday night, despite being repeatedly interrupted by some kind of organized game in which something called “The Giants” apparently did something awesome and a strange, well-muscled and blonde corpse danced and lip-synched in what was obviously some kind of pagan or voodoo ritual.  And, in the middle of that ruckus, a few new movie trailers shook loose.

First up, a new clip for The Avengers.  This trailer features a little more Hulk than we’ve seen before, as well as Chris Evans looking impossibly goofy in that ridiculous Captain American outfit:

Next up, we’ve got a G.I. Joe sequel trailer, in which loud things happen with loud explosions and loud music happening in the background.  It’s loud.  And things happen.   That’s what I got out of this one.   Oh, and Bruce Willis gets all Bruce Willis-y and does that dead eyed Bruce Willis smirk thing.  Then some loud things happen again:

Next up, we have a film about the Navy Seals, called Act of Valor:

A new trailer for John Carter also popped up, but we previewed that for you on Friday.

So, what did you think of the Super Bowl ads this year?