Are you ready for (some ads during) Football? If you love movies, but aren’t so crazy about sports, the Super Bowl has become a time where some of the biggest films of the year drop $3.5 Million dollars for thirty seconds of your attention. Summer blockbusters looking to build buzz and get people excited about the year in film. So much so that there are now teasers for these ads. Trailers for trailers. Here’s a round-up…

There are a number of film-related ads that aren’t for movies, some of which have already premiered. There’s already been some buzz about the terrible Ferris Bueller/Matthew Broderick car commercial (which we already wrote about), but this year we’re also getting more Volkswagen Star Wars ads. Check out the latest:

And here’s a Teaser for the Transformers 3-D ride:

Then there’s a spot for Sacha Baron Cohen‘s The Dictator:

There’s also a new trend – as I mentioned – of teasing the teaser, so there are a number of ten second excerpts from some of the big trailers of the day. These are the ones that will hopefully get people stoked to see these movies. First up is the biggest question mark. John Carter:

And then there’s Battleship:

And Finally, The Avengers:

These full spots will be hitting on Sunday and we’ll have updates throughout the game.

Who are you rooting for this Super Bowl: The Avengers or Battleship?