Lionsgate Films has released a new trailer for the upcoming The Hunger Games franchise in celebration of the fact that there are now only 50 days left until the film’s release. The new trailer, though only one minute long, tosses out a barrage of new footage, focusing mainly on the relationship between Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss and her sister, Primrose.

The Hunger Games will be the first of four films adapting the series of young adult novels by Suzanne Collins, in which teens in a post-apocalyptic future battle each other to the death for the home entertainment of the bourgeoisie, and it opens in theaters and IMAX on March 23. Dig the trailer:

In other Hunger Games news, if you’re a fan, and would like to attend the Los Angeles premiere of the film and hobnob with all of the stars, then this is for you: ScreenCrave is giving away two tickets to the Los Angeles premiere of Hunger Games.  All you have to do to enter is tell us your favorite character in the Hunger Games series, and why.  We’ll select the winner by February 22, and announce him or her on February 29th.  Cool?  Go here to enter!
What do you think of the new trailer?