What the heck, people? Eddie Murphy was subject to another of the long standing internet traditions: The faux-death rumor. Though his career may be in trouble (on that note: will anyone see his latest movie A Thousand Words?) the Tower Heist star is not dead. There is nothing wrong with him (other than bad career-making decisions), and it’s a non-story.

The grand tradition of fake death rumors in the internet era probably started and belongs to Dave Eggers, who wrote about Adam Rich (star of Eight is Enough) being dead. Many places picked up the story because it was reasonably believable. Since then there have been a number of rumors like this that take hold – partly because the internet rarely fact checks in the era of insta-updates. But that often means that people are given a mistaken impression that may not be corrected until days or week later – if ever. Some people probably think Will Smith is already divorced.

Murphy was subject of controversy earlier this year when he accepted and then bowed out of hosting the Oscars. Many thought it would never come to pass, and Muprhy proves his doubters correct. There seems to be no real reason this rumor took hold, so just consider it the latest in a long line of pointless internet pranks.

What Internet rumor has fooled you?