The world seems to have tired of Russell Crowe as a leading man, but that’s not stopping Hollywood from giving him juicy roles. Crowe has recently been rumored for the lead in Darren Aronofsky‘s Noah, according to Deadline Hollywood, and Vulture recently said he was “in talks” for Akiva Goldsman’s Winter’s Tale. And now Variety’s Jeff Snieder threw out that Crowe may be up for the Robocop reboot.

Crowe’s got some work ahead of him as well. He’s currently in production on Tom Hooper‘s  Les Miserables as Inspector Javert, and he already shot his role as Superman’s father in Man of Steel. Crowe won an Oscar in 2000 for his work in Gladiator,  but though he’s remained a respected actor, his relationship and tabloid troubles turned him into a charicature. Though he’s had some misfires, it looked for a little bit like he was going to become a character actor after his turn in 2008′s Body of Lies.

But 2010 had him as the leading man in both Robin Hood and The Next Three Days, both of which were disappointments at the box office. One would think that would cool Hollywood on the performer, but if any of these roles come to pass, it shows that talent can trump drawing power.

What’s your favorite Russell Crowe performance?