Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, a loving homage to blaxploitation cinema as well as a thoughtful meditation on aging (and maybe kinda sorta his most complete and mature film—Pulp fans, please don’t shoot me), is now getting the prequel treatment… sort of.

It’s like this: Jackie Brown was a loose adaptation of Rum Punch, a 1992 novel by crime writer Elmore Leonard (whose work has also produced such adaptations as Get Shorty and Out of Sight), with Rum Punch being the sequel to a 1978 novel entitled The Switch.  And now, The Switch is in development for production, under the shortened moniker, Switch.

Tarantino is not involved, making this more of a semi-prequel, and it will feature John Hawkes and Yasiin Bey (that’s Mos Def to you) portraying the dim-witted Louis Gara and bloodthirsty Ordell Robbie, originally played by Robert De Niro and Sam Jackson, respectively.

In the novel The Switch, Robbie and Gara meet in prison (both are doing time for grand theft auto), and once out, team up to kidnap the wife of a rich Detroit business man.  Kinks in the plan develop when the rich hubbie decides he doesn’t want his wife back, forcing Robbie, Gara, and the kidnapped wife to join forces and settle the score.

What do you think of a Jackie Brown prequel?

Source: The AV Club