When Star Wars was reissued in 1997, it became one of the top top ten grossing films of that year. That is the lasting cultural impact of the Star Wars franchise, but also paints a picture of how much the world and the Star Wars fan base has changed in fifteen years. On February 10, George Lucas‘s The Phantom Menace will be reissued in 3-D, and the latest marketing suggests they’re not selling it to everyone. Take a look…

Okay, this is just one piece of a puzzle, but it’s basically selling this to little, little children. On one hand Lucas has said that’s always been his intention with these films, and this film would be the most childish. On the other, fans – even those fans who hate Lucas – will probably see this anyway, so why sell it to the base?

Disney had a huge hit with The Lion King 3-D, which was about to reissued on Blu-ray when it hit theaters. It made $94 million in its run. Beauty and Beast hit a couple weeks ago, and is currently at $41 Million. The difference is that the Blu-ray of that was already out. With the Blu-ray box sets of Star Wars having come out recently, the question with this release is: will it be the theatrical experience or 3-D that brings them in? Will they come at all? Fandom feels possessive of certain things, but Star Wars was never just a nerd favorite, and The Phantom Menace made over $400 Million domestically. It’s possible that “normal” people liked this movie and want to take their kids. We shall see.

Is the force with this reissue?