Remember last week, when we posted a mysterious clip of Matthew Broderick reprising his most beloved role, that of Ferris Bueller from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?  And we discussed how it might be really cool if it were some kind of prelude to a sequel that somehow didn’t suck?  And then we revealed it was actually a teaser for a Honda commercial for the Super Bowl (quick: which is more depressing—the fact that Ferris Bueller has been appropriated for a car commercial, or the fact that TV commercials now have their very own teaser ads?)?  Well, here is the full commercial, in all of its dubious glory:

There you have it.  Chock full of references to the excellent and classic original film, all jammed into ad designed to make you buy a Honda.  Isn’t it great when the cinematic dreams and loves of your youth are hijacked to sell cars during the Super Bowl?

Sigh.  Still, this is probably the closest we’ll ever come to seeing this beloved character on screen again, so I suppose we Ferris fans should take what we can get.

What do you think—is the commercial funny, or is it a dud?

Source: Mashable