With The Grey outperforming expectations, Joe Carnahan has finally made a box office hit. And like any hot director he’s already lining up his next project. The L.A. Times says that next film is a remake of Death Wish. As they’ve made two pictures together, it seems likely that the first person to be asked to star is Liam Neeson, but everything seems tentative at this juncture.

The 1974 film Death Wish cemented Charles Bronson reputation as a badass, and is his cinematic legacy (partly because he appeared in the film’s four sequels). The movie also spawned imitators – though it owed a debt to Dirty Harry – with such films as 1982′s Fighting Back through to films like 2007′s Death Sentence and The Brave One owing much to the original. But remaking it is easy as the premise is so cut a dry: a man experiences enough violence that he goes vigilante.

That said, we live in a different culture. New York is a much cleaner city than it used to be, and though there’s numbers of alleys that probably shouldn’t be walked down at night, America is no longer as obsessed with the dangers of gangs and thug violence as it once was. On top of that vigilantism is a fascistic by nature and can often be coded racist, or become absurd due to political correctness. If Carnahan does take the project, it’s going to be an interesting minefield.

Do you want to see Liam Neeson shoot some punks?