This week Hulk Hogan finally came clean and admitted that Darren Aronofsky wanted him to play the lead role in the 2008 critical hit The Wrestler. The role that reignited Mickey Rourke‘s career was originally meant for Hogan, at least according to Hogan. Also this week were the Oscar nominations: while many great performances were acknowledged, many were snubbed by the Academy including Michael Fassbender, who was hailed for his performance in Shame.  The Los Angeles Times took a closer look at why the actor might’ve been left out of the running. We also have a couple of movie previews. Catch up below.

  • Michael Fassbender’s Penis: Among the many who got snubbed by the Academy is actor Michael Fassbender, who, this year, portrayed a sex addict in Steve McQueen‘s NC-17 rated Shame. The Los Angeles Times wrote an article about the actor suggesting he was snubbed because showing his penis on film took away from his “super-brave” performance.
  • Hulk Hogan Fantasies: Hulk Hogan told Digital Spy recently that he was asked, not once, but several times, to play the role that reignited Mickey Rourke’s career. That’s right, after four years of silence, Hogan said that he turned down the lead role in The Wrestler because he felt he wasn’t right for the role. Could you imagine Hogan playing such a serious and dramatic role? Do you believe that Darren Aronofsky wanted him to play Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson?
  • Movies In An Alternate Universe: Artist Sean Hartter invented this cool concept where he took titles of current well-known movies, but remade them so that the movie’s poster suggested a different time or era. An example of one film is 2011′s Drive, where James Dean has taken Ryan Gosling‘s place. It’s actually pretty cool. Head over to Behance to see the cool posters.

New Photos:

  • Snow White Photo: Below is an up-close look at Kristen Stewart as Snow White from the upcoming film Snow White and the Hunstman. There’s not much detail, but if you’re excited about the movie, then enjoy.

New Videos:

  • Man On A Ledge Preview: The action thriller Man On A Ledge hit theaters today. Below is a special exclusive preview. Check it out.

  • Brake Trailer: Stephen Dorff stars in a new film called Brake, where the actor spends most of the time locked inside a coffin-like box. Beware, the footage below is not for the claustrophobic.

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