As NBC does its very best to wring the absolute most out of The Office that it can in a post-Steve Carell, post-time-when-The-Office-was-actually-good world, this news really shouldn’t come as a surprise—it looks like Dwight Schrute, the sublimely odd office weirdo portrayed by Rainn Wilson on the long-running sitcom, will be getting his own spin-off show.  Which should go well, because spin-offs of sitcoms always do gangbuster business, right?

That seems to be the fallacy that NBC is betting on, as plans are being made to launch a Dwight Schrute spin-off in the mid-season of 2013.  And gosh, it seems like a really good idea.  No, think about it!  A character who is really, really great in small doses is then given a full half-hour to engage in a series of wacky misadventures!  That won’t get old at all!  Plus, think of how good The Office will be once it loses its funniest character!  This is a plan that simply can’t lose, you guys.

It’s essentially the equivalent of NBC pulling Kramer from the 8th or 9th season of Seinfeld, forcing him into his own show, and not featuring him at all in Seinfeld.  Think about how well that would have worked.  Perhaps this is all just yet another sign that, post-Carell, it’s time to close The Office for good.

What do you think of The Office news?

Source: The AV Club