Many game show hosts of the olden days came off as one step above used car salesmen. Though the game show has yet to be reinvented for a new generation, the energy and glad-handing (and sometimes inappropriate kissing) that came with hosting was as fascinating as it was embarrassing. One wonders if many such hosts were a couple of sheets the wind when hosting. Pat Sajak can only speak for himself and Vanna White, but in an interview with ESPN2 he admits that in the early days they would sometimes be soused while hosting Wheel of Fortune. Check out the video…

Sajak pawns it off to nervousness, and what sounds like his own frustration with what life turned him into. Perhaps he once thought himself to be above such things.

Honestly, this revelation is the sort of thing that makes you like Sajak and White more. Wheel of Fortune was always Jeopardy‘s stupid cousin (and often paired together in syndication). The thought of White and Sajak being bored with what they were doing and having a couple of drinks puts a more human face on their innate perkiness. One almost wishes that they could do special Friday night drunk versions of the show. That would definitely bring in a new set of viewers.

Would you watch Drunk Wheel of Fortune?