When the Oscars were announced, there were some favorites that didn’t make the cut. It happens every year, and a number of performers – like Albert Brooks in Drive, Patton Oswalt and Charlize Theron in Young Adult, and Tilda Swinton in We Need to Talk About Kevin were not nominated. Oswalt – on Twitter – joked about having a party for the snubbies, and Vulture brought this to Swinton’s attention. Her response: she’d be there in a heart-beat.

In fact she said she would love to sing “Is There Life on Mars”  with Andy Serkis, and said “That’s a dare! That’s an excellent dare. Okay, Patton, you’re on. Let’s get Andy and let’s go for it!” Her response to not being nominated was positive, as she felt she could go home and not worry. Of course, it’s probably easier as she already has one Oscar, and the process of this year would more than likely have her attend to lose.

The only negative about not being nominated is that it will keep Lynne Shetlon’s fascinating and powerful We Need to Talk about Kevin off of the radar, where the film could have new life with a possible Oscar future. As a film fan, the award season usually gets more wrong that right, and few Oscar winners stand the test of time – often they’re given for a body of work, or a feeling in the moment. To wit, Albert Brooks made an indelible impression in Drive, while Christopher Plummer is excellent in Beginners, but the award feels more like a career-win. Maybe not as shamelessly so as Al Pacino’s win for Scent of a Woman, but still.

Whose Snubbing annoyed you the most?