With less than four months to go until the launch of the The Avengers, we’re getting all sorts of stories, pictures and rumors about the film, which has a May 4 release date. Of late, Empire Magazine has had four character-specific covers, there’s hints at what the film’s Hulk might look like, and a completely baseless rumor about a possible Marvel franchise cross-over. Take a look….

Empire has four covers for the movie with Robert Downey Jr., Scarlet Johansson, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth, and you can view those on their site, or right here:

Empire also has a sculpture for the upcoming Hulk Toy, and here’s some artwork from the likely film-approved comic-book tie-in.

But the most iffy news to come out is that Jenny Agutter (best known for her work in such films as Walkabout and An American Werewolf in London) was interviewed by The Radios Times, and talked about her role in the film where she mentioned how much secrecy was involved in making the movie. Though Agutter is not directly quoted, she supposedly shared Winnebagos with Iron Man and – more interestingly Spider-Man. Spider-Man is currently owned cinematically by Sony, and though it’s possible that the companies could work out some sort of cross-over for promotion, it seems more likely that the journalist or Miss Agutter are not all that comic-book savvy and thought the web-slinger was in the film. But what is the internet for if not baseless speculation?

What is the internet for if not baseless specualtion?