For the first time in “Gossip Girl” history, Blair gets drunk. We’ve seen Serena drunk and on drugs plenty of times, but Blair has always managed to stay sober, despite her crazy friends. Well, finally, after five seasons, we get a taste of drunk Blair, who celebrates her last few days as a single gal in a very non-Blair environment. Elsewhere, Serena spends her time with Dan, prepping for the launch of her new blog; Chuck spies on Blair (nothing new there); and Nate continues his secret relationship with Gossip Girl.

Let’s go over Monday’s episode of “Gossip Girl.”

The Players:

Episode Title: “Father Of The Bride

Blair has a bachelorette party; Nate teams up with someone unexpected to gain more info about Blair and Chuck’s car wreck; and Serena and Dan put on a charade of reigniting their relationship.

The Good:

  • Typical Serena: At this point it’s not a matter of if she will sabotage a situation, it’s a matter of when. Serena always manages to ruin everything by jumping to conclusions, but we’re okay with it because this is who she is.
  • More Inside: Dan preps for his next novel. His ideas sound good – one is set in the Wild Wild West; the other 100 years in the future. But the publishers have something else in mind – a sequel to Inside (sound familiar?)
  • Drunk Blair: Drunk Blair is even funnier than sober Blair. This is the first time we get to see our Queen Bee buzzed. Our little Blair gets drunk on tequila shots and makes a fool of herself, but it’s all good fun. Serena is a crazy drunk – she takes things too far when she’s under the influence of alcohol or drugs – but drunk Blair is the kind of girl anyone would want to be around.
  • Vows (SPOILERS!): During one of the final scenes in last night’s episode we found out that Dan wrote Louis vows, which is both awful and awesome. Blair now thinks that Louis wrote the vows and now has this idea in her head that he really knows her, and this convinces her that marrying him is the right choice. There’s also the up side that we know Dan wrote the vows. Let it to the writer to get it right.
  • Nate and Gossip Girl: Nate’s mission right now is to find the culprit who caused  Chuck and Blair’s accident. He’s teamed up with Gossip Girl to figure out the truth, and while this is an unlikely alliance, we’re excited to find out the whole truth and what it will mean to him and his friends. Will it bring Charlie back? Will Chuck and Blair realize they are means to be together?
  • Best Like: Blair to her bridesmaids, “This game is kicking my ass.”

The Bad:

  • A Priest Gone Bad: Yes, even priests are bad. They steal money from the church and/or molest little kids, but even so, we’re not buying the whole evil priest act on “Gossip Girl.” Supposedly the guy/priest is trying to ruin Blair’s future because he wants to stay in the church? Well, here’s a solution: Be a good priests, not a conniving one.
  • Serena’s Hidden Feelings (SPOILER!): Serena is falling for Dan again, and all we can say is, oh no! Is it because she wants what she can’t have? Is she having a mid-20s crisis? Or are the writers just out of ideas? Ding, ding, ding! Serena’s one of the hottest girls in the upper east side, surely there are some better looking, better qualified guys out there for her. Serena and Dan were cute, but that ship has sailed.


Although we’re not buying the priest’s hidden agenda, drunk Blair was a joy to watch and she made last night’s episode worth the while. We’re excited for next week’s 100th episode. Will Chuck and Blair finally make things work? Or will Blair tie the knot with Prince boring Louis?

Rating: 6.5/10

“Gossip Girl” returns January 16, 2012 at 8 p.m. on The CW.


What did you think of last night’s episode?