As the countdown to the July premiere of the final Christopher Nolan Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, continues to loom over us, we here at ScreenCrave get more and more excited with each passing day, consuming every bit of Batty news that we can find.  Today’s news bit?  Christian Bale talking about letting go of the character of Batman/Bruce Wayne after eight years.

Bale recently sat down with NY Daily News, and spoke of how he’s no longer interested in franchise projects, noting that “we need different rhythms in our life, don’t we, and to me it would be the wrong rhythm to jump into a franchise at this point.”  He went on to add that “For now, no, I’d be looking for new experiences.”

The notoriously intense actor also discussed his lack of grounding in the world of comic books when he took the role of Bruce Wayne, and it wasn’t until doing research for the role that he discovered a handful of classic graphic novels, as well as rich depth to a character like Bruce Wayne, and his alter ego of Batman:

“I wasn’t a 12-year-old that gave a damn about comics,” he says. “I had never been someone into comic books, it just didn’t interest me. It wasn’t my thing.” It wasn’t until reading Frank Miller’s “Batman: Year One,” writer Frank Miller and artist David Mazzucchelli’s seminal 1987 comic book miniseries, while prepping for the role that he really got the character. Before that he kind of thought Batman was a spoiled rich kid in tights.

“Suddenly, I found Batman has so many issues, he’s not a healthy individual, this is somebody that is doing good, but he’s right on the verge of doing bad,” says Bale. ”He’s got that killer within him that he’s desperately not trying to let off his leash. And that’s what I always return to.”

So, no, you probably can’t expect him to take an Aquaman role any time soon.

What do you think of Bale’s comments?

Source: Batman News