Ryan Reynolds and Reese Witherspoon are now attached to star in Big Eyes, the story of the Keanes and their infamous art. The film will be produced by Tim Burton, and written and directed by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, best known for creating the Problem Child franchise, and writing such bio-pics as Ed Wood and The People Versus Larry Flynt. The film has a Spring start date.

Though obviously both leads have a comic background, the story of Margaret and Walter Keane is no straight comedy. Walter became famous for his big eyed art but a divorce revealed that Margaret had done all the work herself. Going by Alexander and Karaszewski’s background, it looks to be a black comedy, and probably Oscar contender.

Alexander and Karaszewski released a statement and said this about their stars:

“Walter is a larger-than-life antihero — charming, funny, dangerous, and a little crazy. Ryan will knock it out of the park. As for Reese, she will be perfect as Margaret — soulful, decent, transforming from vulnerability to learning to fight for herself.”

So it’s something of a female empowerment film. Like many writers before them, the duo have knocked many of the films based on their screenplays, including the Problem Child films and Screwed. Of late the two worked on 1408, and wrote a version of the Percy Jackson sequel, but haven’t had much credited work for a while. As it goes with many high profile writers, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been working.

Are you familiar with the Keanes?