Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows is hitting theaters May 11, which means we should be seeing a trailer here any day now. For the time being there’s a new still of Johnny Depp in the film, and it suggests that his character is in line with many Burton protagonists of the past. He looks like a man-child, though that could be just in this still. We should know more when the trailer hits. Check out Vin Diesel in the first still from his latest film Riddick

Vin put this up on his Facebook page, which proves that film is really going forward. Pitch Black was a small film that ended up doing rather well and helped launch Diesel’s career, but the follow up – The Chronicles of Riddick – felt stagebound and bombed at the box office. Diesel and writer/director David Twohy love the character, so it seems the success of the last two Fast and Furious films have let Diesel go back for round three.

That in itself is weird. Perhaps the DVD and Blu-ray sales on the series were stronger than ticket sales on the sequel, or perhaps they’re doing this one on a very tight budget. But – as with a number of films in production and development – we’re getting a sequel to a franchise that was rejected by theatrical audiences.

Are you excited for a third Riddick film?