2008′s Hancock, which made over $600 Million globally, was Will Smith‘s last huge hit. Since then he made Seven Pounds and has mostly been involved in Men in Black 3, which will eventually hit theaters this May.  There was talk of a Hancock sequel around the time of the film’s release, but no real movement. Director Peter Berg has chimed in now at comicbookmovie.com, and said it’s a question of getting everyone together, but that it will eventually happen.

They say Smith is the last movie star. They say that because he’s been great at picking winners, and has made his more arty/Oscar-centric films box office hits (well, except for Seven Pounds, which still made money). But 2008 is a long time in movie terms, and Men in Black 3 looks like a dud. He’s following that with an M. Night Shyamalan film, a director who’s been in an artistic and box office slump since 2002′s Signs. From the sounds of it Hancock 2 wouldn’t be ready to go until at least 2014. The money might be there because of the first film’s success, but it’s also the same company that’s putting out Men in Black 3. If that bombs, it could kill Hancock 2 along with it.

On top of that Berg’s got Battleship this summer. That could be a franchise-starter and push Berg into more sequels, or tank big time – I don’t know if there’s an in-between with it. Perhaps both are viewing Hancock 2 as their safety net and if both have a bad summer, expect the sequel to come together right quick.

Do you want a Hancock 2?