Oh, boy.  Walking internet meme/fictional Texas Ranger Chuck Norris, in case you didn’t know, is a cast member of the upcoming Expendables 2 action film (along with pretty much every other action star ever).  What you might not know (and what has yet to be officially confirmed) is that Norris refused to sign on to The Expendables 2 unless the violence and language was scaled back from the R rating of the original and to a safe PG-13.

It’s something of a troubling declaration, as one of the only real reasons to watch the original film was to see a bunch of aging action stars party like it was 1985 and gleefully, shamelessly celebrate the insane action films of the 80s—including their over the top language and violent action.  So if The Expendables 2 loses that, well, what’s the point of watching it?

Norris broke it down like this:

With The Expendables 2, you have a lot of hard language in there that means that young people won’t be able to see it. I said, I don’t do movies like that. I didn’t do them in the past, I didn’t do them on my TV series. I said, you have to cut out all the language, hardcore language or I can’t do it. So they did, and Expendables is now a PG-13 film so kids can see it.

Remember, this news has yet to be confirmed by the studio and, even if it is true, there is likely to be an unrated Blu-Ray of the film that will please you hard 80s violence fans.

What do you think of Norris’ comments?

Source: /Film