In a move that is probably the funniest thing a sitting United States president has done since George W. Bush decided to try out those high-falutin’ words with more than one syllable, President Barack Obama, in honor of Betty White’s 90th birthday, has made her a video birthday card.

In the video, Obama—making a clever reference and jab towards the “Birthers” who insist he is not American and that his birth certificate has been doctored—writes the Golden Girls star to request that she make her birth certificate public, as he cannot believe that the actress is 90 years old.  And then, in the clip’s best moment, Obama places a picture of White in the Oval Office and jams to “Thank You For Being a Friend” (the Golden Girls theme) on his iPod.

Yes, a United States president sat in the Oval Office and listened to the Golden Girls theme.  This has happened.  And while some may argue that this was a total waste of Obama’s time (and it totally was), it’s also pretty damn funny.  Check out the clip below:

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Source:  Huffington Post