Oh, George. In his latest round of interviews for Red Tails, George Lucas told the New York Times that he’s going to retire from the big budget industry and make his art films, except to maybe make Indiana Jones 5. This is a drum Lucas has been beating for a long time, though we’ve seen no fruits of this labor. Perhaps this time he means it – Red Tails was once his passion project, and it gestated for over twenty years.

For anyone who grew up under the sway of Star Wars and loved movies, George Lucas had a number of fascinating periods in his career. The fiery upstart who financed his own sequel to Star Wars to maintain creative control, the guy who helped create Indiana Jones, the man who put his name on Akira Kurosawa’s film Kageshuma to get it made. And then came his hermit period where he only seemed to come out to produce things like Willow and The Radioland Murders. What was he doing in his Skywalker Ranch Xanadu? Then came the prequels.

Whether Lucas is serious or not, it would be great to see him actually make his art films, but like Steven Soderbergh’s retirement or any number of promises that come with buts, it’s hard to believe Lucas will actually pull that trigger. Perhaps there is nothing more terrifying than having the ability to do whatever you want.

Do you think we will ever see George Lucas’s art films?