Last night’s Golden Globes Awards (check out the list of winners) were just about as boring as, well, the Golden Globes from last year and the year before that and the year before that.  Surprisingly, somehow, watching a bunch of celebrities celebrating their celebrity just doesn’t have the luster you’d think it would, and the show was a total snooze—with one or two exceptions (watching Meryl Streep exclaim “Sh**!” when she realized she forgot her reading glasses during her acceptance speech was one of them).

The other?  Watching a clip of a 37 year old Morgan Freeman as a singing vampire taking a bubble bath in a coffin.   Yes, you read that correctly.

You see, Freeman was on hand to accept the Cecil B. DeMille Award, a lifetime achievement honor given to him for his stellar career in Hollywood.  Included with the award was a broadcast of Morgan’s finest acting moments… and, as a goof, a clip from his stint on the PBS children’s show The Electric Company from the 1970s.  In it, we see Freeman as a vampire taking a bubble bath and singing (“Some vampires like it in a bathtub, others have tried a sink/ But when I’m flushing, I’m wishing to be washing in something that’s soft and lined with pink”).  Really.  You just have to see it to believe it.

What do you think of the clip?

Source: New York Daily News