Unless you’ve been living in a cave lately (maybe in a…Batcave? Oh, I’ll be here all week, ladies and gentlemen.  Take my wife, please), you’ve seen, either in an IMAX theater or on YouTube, the now infamous opening scene (a mid-air airplane heist/kidnapping) to Christopher Nolan’s wildly anticipated final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.  Curious how it came into being, or what in the hell was it that the Bane character mumbled behind that breathing apparatus of his?  Christopher’s younger brother, The Dark Knight Rises screenwriter Jonathan Nolan, has a few answers.

Jonathan Nolan recently spoke with the press at a Television Critics Association party, and when asked as to how he came up with The Dark Knight Rises’ breathtaking opening scene, had this to say:

It’s an amazing team with my brother, David Goyer and myself. Those are two great guys to work with and brainstorm with. I think Chris had long wanted to do the aerial spectacular. It’s such a good fit for the IMAX cameras that he likes to shoot with, and so that was a long time in the making.

Further, he was asked if it was “bittersweet” to have written “fabulous dialogue” for the film’s villain, Bane, only to hear it be muffled and mumbled in the released footage.  Unlike a few internet trolls who nearly had aneurysms in their frustration at early clips of Tom Hardy’s performance, Nolan seems to have very few qualms about it:

I’ve gotta tell you, I think what Tom Hardy is doing with the role is spectacular. I’ve had the benefit of seeing a little bit more than the audience has seen, at this point, and it’s pretty spectacular.

So there you have it, a few more Batman morsels to feed on while we wait for the film to be released on July 20, 2012.

What do you think of the Batman news?

Source: Batman News