In an interview with the LA Times, Jon Feltheimer – the CEO of Lionsgate – talked about his plans for the Twilight franchise now that his company owns the rights. Those plans seem to be to milk it for every cent that it’s worth through spin-offs. Whether that’s on television, or additional sequels, it’s hard to say as Feltheimer basically says he knows that a blockbuster series isn’t finished until audiences are sick of them.

Much of the future of this will rest on Stephenie Meyer, and what she’s going to write or be involved with. Surely if the check is there, she will gladly let other people play in her universe. Perhaps they will go on a spin-off route and follow some of the minor characters. Both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seem to relieved to be done with the franchise, but many of the supporting players would love to have a steady gig – though someone like Jackson Rathbone can already make a living through Twilight convention appearances and signings.

Having watched Abduction over the weekend, it seems the only way Taylor Lautner will keep working is through the Twilight franchise. Perhaps he and his werewolf friends could have a side adventure. If more of his other projects don’t pan out, he seems the most likely to return, and the easiest to spin off.

Where would you like to see the Twilight franchise go?