This week Paramount acquired the rights to turn the famous Montreal-based circus Cirque du Soleil into a 3D movie… and thankfully, James Cameron, who is a master of the technology, has come aboard as producer. Also in the news this week is Kevin Smith: the indie director will be heading back to the big screen forone night, just to answer our questions. The Iron Lady also returned to theaters today for a normal run, and we’ve got news on the critically acclaimed picture. Catch up below.

  • The Iron Lady On Moviefone: The Iron Lady played at a theater one week so that its star, Meryl Streep, could qualify for the Oscars. Today the bio-pic based on the life of former U.K. Prime minister Margaret Thatcher returns to the big screen for a regular run. Moviefone has a great exclusive interview with the star as well as other news on the film. Head over to to find out more. Also, Politico has also posted some neat campaign photos of Meryl Street as the Prime Minister. Check them out below.
  • Kevin Smith Heads Back To The Movie Screen: Kevin Smith is heading back to the big screen, this time to answer our questions. The independent director will be hosting a one night event on Thursday, February 2 at the Scotiabank Theater in Toronto, Ontario. The event will be broadcasted Live and will feature “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.” This is a great opportunity to ask the questions you want to ask or join in on Smith’s jokes. For more information go to
  • Cirque du Soleil Coming To Theaters In 3D: This year you’ll get to experience Cirque du Soleil in 3D. Paramount has acquired the rights to the Montreal-based circus. James Cameron is on board to produce, and Andrew Adamsom, who helmed Shrek and the Narnia franchise is directing.
  • The ABCs: Illustrator Stephen Wildish made a cool ABCs chart featuring all 70s film. Head over to the AV Club to see the poster.

New Photo:

  • The Iron Lady Photos: Below are the campaign photos/posters of Meryl Streep’s Margaret Thatcher.

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