Grown Ups, the Adam Sandler-starring vehicle which reunited him with friends Kevin James, Rob Schnieder, Chris Rock and David Spade made a lot of money. $162 Million, point of fact, making it the second highest grossing Sandler film, just about two million shy of Big Daddy. Which is exactly why Sony has greenlit a sequel, and it’s now expected to hit theaters July 12, 2013. Aren’t we lucky.

Part of the film’s success had to do with bringing Sandler together with his friends, as Kevin James and Chris Rock also have respectable audiences, and getting that Saturday Night Live flavor back by bringing Spade and Schnieder into the mix. The film was mercilessly panned by critics, netting a 10% approval rating over at Rotten Tomatoes. That didn’t stop audiences though, as the film played strong throughout the summer of 2010.

Sandler is back on writing duties with Fred Wolf, who wrote the first film, though many would suggest calling it writing was an exaggeration. Sandler’s most recent film, Jack and Jill, was something of an underperformer, as it didn’t hit $100 Million like many of his starring vehicles, so it’s likely that Sony (which has been home to Sandler for some time) wanted a sequel. Or perhaps he just likes hanging out with his friends.

Did you See Grown Ups?