After making nearly $450 worldwide, Thor was considered successful enough for Marvel to green-light a sequel. But since making that decision, they’ve had a lot of trouble keeping a team together. The latest add-on is screenwriter Robert Rodat (according to Deadline Hollywood), who is reworking the script for director Alan Taylor for Thor 2. The film has a proposed 2013 release date.

Taylor (best known for his work on Game of Thrones) came in to replace Patty Jenkins, who was the original choice to take over the franchise from Kenneth Branagh. When Jenkins left, Natalie Portman publicly complained about the director being let go, even though she’s contractually obligated to appear in the sequel. Rodat is coming in to rework the script originally written by Don Payne. Payne was one of the five credited writers to work on the first film, which suggests he gave the script its last pass. Rodat is best known for Saving Private Ryan, and hasn’t written anything (credited) for the big screen since 2000′s The Patriot.

If this sounds like a mess, it probably is one, but that doesn’t mean the film won’t turn out. If the first film got anything right it was the casting, and everyone is bound to come back, including Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston (if he survives The Avengers), Portman and more. If – however – The Avengers under-performs, expect this to be scuttled. The problem with the sequel is that they likely want to do the second film on a budget, and much of the universe of these movies is in outer space and involves heavy special effects.

Perhaps DVD and Blu-ray and rentals are strong on Thor, because Marvel needs that sort of support to continue with the franchise. Generally making twice as much as you cost is the measurement of a cinematic success, and by that metric the first film was a win. But as sequels often do the same or less business than the first film, Marvel must be a little nervous, especially after all this turnaround. We shall see.

What do you want out of Thor 2?