With this weekend’s re-release of Beauty and the Beast, Disney is starting to sell their next 3-D post-conversion and it’s Finding Nemo, which is coming September 14.  Disney seems to have a game plan with their reissues: Convert to 3-D, release in the off season, and then profit (no underpants needed). Perhaps parents will grow wary of this game plan, but we’ll know more for sure after this weekend. Until then, here’s a tease for the reissue of Nemo.

It should be noted that until Toy Story 3, Nemo was Pixar’s highest grossing film, and with inflation factored in it’s still the highest grossing. It’s also the only one of their films not currently on Blu-ray, which likely means the film will have it’s Blu-ray debut either shortly after the film’s played theaters, or just in time for 2012′s holiday season. Here’s the teaser:

We’ve seen two of Disney’s cel animation films post-converted recently, and they look good to great, but the nice thing about CG Animation is that it’s already rendered in three dimensions, so the conversion is that much smoother. Do the films really need 3-D? Arguably no, as evinced by their already successful initial releases. But as a couple generations of parents and children grew up on Disney’s reissues of their classic films, if this is a way for families to go to theaters to see classic animated films, then it’s hard to begrudge their success.

What’s your favorite Pixar film?