At one time, Jim Carrey could walk away from a Bruce Almighty sequel. But after a couple years of misfires and modest grosses in pictures like Yes Man, A Christmas Carol and Mr. Popper’s Penguins, it seems that he’s willing to return to one of his most successful films. Variety reports that the scribes of Yes Man have been hired to pen a sequel to Bruce Almighty. In other depressing comedy news, Entertainment Weekly reports that New Line has hired Scott Zabielski to helm their Police Academy reboot.

Bruce Almighty getting a “real” sequel (after the disappointing and hugely expensive Evan Almighty) is a case of striking while the iron is cold, but when the original made nearly a half a billion worldwide, it’s easy to see why Universal would be willing to give it another go. There’s no great story to be told or retold here, but just the same – money.

The big question with Police Academy (besides “why?”) is if it’s going to be R-rated like the original, or PG or PG-13 like its sequels. The first film was more in the spirit of the popular R-rated SNL-centric comedies of the time, like Stripes and Animal House, but that got toned down after the film became a franchise. R-rated comedies are back in vogue, so either way is possible. The Vegas odds on Steve Guttenberg getting a role (money would be on him playing Commandant Eric Lassard) is 50/50.

What do you think will get rebooted or sequelized next?