Elizabeth Taylor—when you think of the late actress, especially in her early years in Hollywood, you think of a woman who was a paragon of beauty, class, talent, and charm, a woman whose startling good looks and wit electrified movie screens and audiences alike.  And when you think of all the current actresses who could portray a young Taylor, only one name comes to mind, of course: Lindsay Lohan.


Final proof that the universe truly does have some kind of sense of humor (albeit a sick one), eternal trainwreck Lindsay Lohan is in early talks to portray Elizabeth Taylor in a film about Taylor’s romance with Richard Burton.  However, there’s a good chance no one will actually see the film, seeing as how it’s being produced for the Lifetime network.  Translation?  Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story will probably feature  a subplot in which Tyne Daly plays Burton’s criminally insane mother who kidnaps Elizabeth Taylor’s child, and Burton will be portrayed as an abusive husband who can’t appreciate Taylor’s inner beauty, driving her into the arms of ruggedly handsome and quietly sensitive poet who lives next door.  That’s how these flicks usually go, right?

“Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story”, which was previously announced as part of the revamped network’s 2011-12 development slate, is a biopic that will focus on the late actress’ tumultuous romance with her frequent co-star Richard Burton, and according to Deadline Lohan is in talks to play Taylor, who passed away last March.

Ugh.  Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor?  You win, universe, you win.

What do you think of the Lohan news?

Source:  HitFlix