Tim Burton certainly is on a remake/adaptation tear lately—the Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands director knocked out a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory adaptation in 2005, a Sweeny Todd adaptation in 2007, and an Alice in Wonderland remake in 2010, as well as currently filming a Dark Shadows update with Johnny Depp, and is set to helm an adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, along with a remake of his very own Frankenweenie.  And now, news has broke that Burton has his eye on a live-action version of Pinocchio starring Robert Downey Jr.

But no, don’t worry, he doesn’t want Downey Jr. quirking it up as a living wooden dummy boy—he wants the Iron Man star to play the woodcarver Geppetto, who acts as a father figure to the living puppet.   Now, keep in mind that “neither Burton nor Downey has a deal with Warners, but sources say Burton is keen to direct the film and has begun talks with the studio, so it’s just a question of whether Pinocchio will be his next movie.”  That said, Downey has apparently expressed interest in working with Burton.

It seems to all be down to a matter of timing.  Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller has already written the script, but Burton’s heavy schedule may keep the film from happening any time soon—which may kill the project, as both Guillermo Del Toro and Shawn Levy are already making their own respective Pinocchio films.  Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated!

What do you think of the Burton news?

Source: /Film