Despite the fact that Kiefer Sutherland has been insisting for years that a film adaptation of his popular 24 TV series is happening (while all objective evidence appears to indicate that the film does not exist, has not existed, and is currently not even in preproduction),  Sutherland has once again announced that 24: The Movie is coming soon.  This time, he’s swearing that it’s happening in April.

Which is all well and good, except for the fact that he’s said this numerous times over the past several years, and the movie never ends up happening.  Further, Fox has reportedly rejected the script for a 24 film, and no director is currently attached.  So, it seems that it might be just a smidge difficult to begin filming an action film in April when there is no script, no director, and the studio itself has said “um, no, Kiefer.”

But hey, you’ve got to admire the guy’s enthusiasm (or maybe feel just a little bit sorry for him), as he continues to push for a film that, by all objective observations, is simply not happening.  He even has a rough collection of plot details, stating that 24: The Movie will happen “relatively a direct continuation. We’re talking maybe six months from the end of [the series finale].”  Ok, Kiefer.  Whatever you say.

Do you think a 24 film will ever happen?

Source: The AV Club