Note to self: never, ever annoy the bar owners of Thailand.

That’s exactly what Mission: Impossible star Jeremy Renner did with a friend this week while spending time in Phucket, Thailand, and they were subsequently attacked by six axe-wielding employees of the Rachada Pub.  Yes, that’s right: axe-wielding.

Renner and Vorasit Issara, a 31 year old “general manager of a nearby resort,” were having drinks at the bar when around 4:30 AM, Issara dropped his drinking glass on the floor.  Hey, it happens, right?

Well, apparently, people don’t drop their glasses in Thailand, as the incident sparked a confrontation between Issara and the bar owners, who proceeded to “stab him in the stomach” and “chopped at his neck with a rotor axe,” according to a report by the Phucket City Police, which led to the six members of the bar staff being charged with attempted murder.

Issara has managed to survive despite serious wounds to his neck and stomach, while Renner and another friend got away with “minor injuries.”  So, once again, ScreenCrave readers—if you find yourself lounging in a bar in Phucket, Thailand, be sure to grip that shot glass tightly, as apparently bar owners will literally try to chop your damn head off if you drop it.

What do you think of the Renner news?

Source:  The Huffington Post