For those who’ve been following The Dark Knight Rises and the Bane controversy, there’s been back and forth recently about changing audio to make Tom Hardy‘s character slightly more understandable. Some said the audio was remixed, while recently the studio has said nothing was touched. Until the film comes out, it’s likely this will be a big question about the film. Thankfully Conan O’Brien is on top of it and has exposed the problem.

Conan says he saw the footage, and supports the fans who can’t understand a lick of what Bane says, and wanted to show that through a clip from the film. Here then is an exclusive clip from Conan O’Brien’s show that offers even more dialogue and more time with the character of Bane:

We’re months away from the film,and this has surely been brought to Christopher Nolan‘s attention. The question is: how much will be changed? Inception was a huge hit for Nolan and Warner Brothers, and The Dark Knight made a billion worldwide. So Nolan has some power to do what he want, but perhaps up to a point. With the film film nowhere near completion the sound mix hasn’t been finalized, and fanboys are known for their ability to turn mountains into molehills, but this isn’t just a nerd discussion any more. If Conan’s mocking it, it’s mainstream.

Could you understand Bane?